Allie is a painter, designer, and activist based in Chicago. All of her work is done with impact in mind - whether it is sourcing materials, community engagement, or product design. As a brand and as an individual, Allie believes we are born with a responsibility to consider our impact on the planet and those who inhabit it.

As our brand grows, we continue to employ best practices for maintaining an ethical and positively impactful brand. Below are a few examples of how we keep our brand as honest and conscientious as possible:

  • stationery printed on 100% recycled paper

  • all stationery packaging is compostable and shipping materials are recycled whenever possible.

  • custom printed fabrics made with biodegradable inks

  • no animal products ever used

  • manufacturing kept within the US to minimize carbon emissions

We are a lifestyle brand, constantly curating events to invite dialogue regarding conscious consumption - from clothing swaps, to vegan tastings, to compost workshops and more. We are also a brand of unique and functional textile and paper products based on original drawings and watercolor paintings. The goal is to encourage a conscientious lifestyle by offering beautiful, modern designs that will disprove the common belief that living ethically must equate sacrifice.

For all inquiries regarding wholesale, collaborations, commissions etc., please reach out to